Time After Time, a clearing

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Evergreen House Museum grounds, John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Materials & Dimensions:
Site rubble, trees cut on site, glass block, grass sod, enameled steel photographs, gold paint, acrylic stain
8 feet high x 20 feet wide x 90 ½ feet long

The installation was done for the exhibition Inside/Out: Sculpture at Evergreen in which artists were asked to respond to some aspect of the historic Evergreen House Museum. My site was the ruin of a greenhouse, overgrown by non-native trees and weeds. I designed this site in part as a correspondence for the bowling-alley-turned-into-a-Japanese-art-gallery that is within the estate house and is the same proportion and orientation as the greenhouse.

I cleared the site, cleaned off the rubble, and cut all invasive species trees but preserved the only two native ones: an American elm at one end and a box elder at the other. I then put in grass sod and the following details: